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Terça, 29 Setembro 2015 06:00

Feast Week, Day 8: The Prancing Pony

ME News
Hail friends, and thank you for joining us for this year’s Feast Week! At long last, our Hobbit friends have escaped the Barrow-wights and made it to The Prancing Pony. In a twinkling table was […]...
Segunda, 28 Setembro 2015 00:25

Feast Week, Day 7: Prisoners of a Barrow-wight

ME News
“When he [Frodo Baggins] came to himself again, for a moment he could recall nothing except a sense of total dread. Then suddenly he knew that he was imprisoned, caught hopelessly; he was in a barrow. A Barrow-wight […]...
ME News
  […] Tom bowed to his guests. ‘Supper is ready,’ said Goldberry; and now the hobbits saw that she was clothed all in silver with a white girdle, and her shoes were like fishes’ mail. […]...
Sábado, 26 Setembro 2015 12:49

The Lord of the Rings Dioramas

ME News
Peter Herfen, along his son, Paul, and friends, Försti, Fritz, Schmitty, create some epic dioramas based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. With locations as massive as Pelennor Fields and Dunharrow, it’s almost difficult for me to think of them only […]...
Sábado, 26 Setembro 2015 01:00

Feast Week, Day 5: The Feast of Tom Bombadil

ME News
The hobbits finally reach Tom Bombadil’s home after their adventure in the Old Forest and are welcomed by a delicious supper. A door opened and in came Tom Bombadil. He had now no hat and […]...
Sexta, 25 Setembro 2015 07:00

Taste Test: Hobbit Tea

ME News
A while ago, I received a present filled with delicious Hobbit Tea from fellow Middle-earth News reporter Lily Milos. I’ve been enjoying Hobbit Tea so much that I’ve totally forgot to write up a review […]...
Sexta, 25 Setembro 2015 06:00

Feast Week Day 4: Farmer Maggot’s Feast

ME News
On September 25, Frodo and his companions arrived at the house of Farmer Maggot. The traveling hobbits had tried a short cut across country to avoid the Black Riders, and the farmer’s hospitality and information were […]...
Quarta, 23 Setembro 2015 22:51

Feast Week Day 3: The Feast of Gildor

ME News
Welcome to day three of Feast Week, The Feast of Gildor! Pippin afterwards recalled little of either food or drink, for his mind was filled with the light upon elf-faces, and the sound of voices […]...
Quarta, 23 Setembro 2015 06:00

Feast Week, Day 2: Sleeping Outdoors

ME News
“The night was clear, cool, and starry, but smoke-like wisps of mist were creeping up the hill-sides from the streams and deep meadows. Thin-clad birches, swaying in a light wind above their heads, made a […]...
ME News
Weta has released a 1/6 scale sculpture of Dori as part of their The Hobbit line. You may remember seeing Dori fuss over his brothers a lot but don’t forget that he’s a tough and brave […]...
The Hobbit Blog Official

The Extended Edition of The Hobbit Trilogy is coming to theaters for a special three day event beginning 10/5! Get tickets here: http://www.fathomevents.com/event/the-hobbit-trilogy-extended-editions...


"The noble quest is at hand…" Warner Bros / New Line Cinema has debuted the full trailer for The Hobbit Trilogy: Extended Edition, an event being hosted by Fathom Events. Taking place in cinemas around the country this October is a series of screenings (on October 5th, October 7th, October 13th) of the complete Extended Edition trilogy from...

Quarta, 26 Agosto 2015 09:08

Ready to complete The Hobbit Trilogy?

More details about Warner Bros. release of THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES EXTENDED EDITION on Digital HD 10/20 and Blu-ray on 11/17. Highlights include: 20 minutes of new and extended scenes not seen in theaters, over 9 hours of bonus content features, and… an R rating (for “some violence”) a first for Director Peter...


Good news, Middle-Earth fans! The Hobbit trilogy is headed back to theaters. To some this may sound like a bore, but if these aren't an interest to you, then no worries just continue on. For those who are fans, and who have been waiting for the extra footage that Peter Jackson shot, it's all coming together for a trilogy event this October. Our...

MTL Blog writes:

Every year, municipal workers add a touch of color to the cities streets and parks by planting flowers. And sometimes, those workers get a little carried away. But as you’ll see, that’s a good thing. Municipal workers in Dorval (on the city’s West Island) decided to transform Windsor Park into a hobbit themed...

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies picked up 2 awards at The 41st annual Saturn Awards, held recently in Burbank, California. The awards are presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films and honors genre film and television.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was nominated in 7 categories, including Best...

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