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The most expensive Tolkien book in the world

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The most expensive Tolkien book ever sold is a signed first edition of „The Lord of the Rings“ dedicated to the „Queen of the Hobbits“, that was sold for 104.000 USD. A further 5 lots were acquired by the same buyer in the same auction: the first translation of The Hobbit dedicated to E. Griffiths, a signed US first edition Lord of the Rings, P. Baynes’ original art, a signed map of Middle-earth and a book dedicated to Tolkien’s son Michael.

The pieces will add to the largest Tolkien collection ever compiled and will be offered to the public in a unique exhibition at the Greisinger Museum.

Tolkien collecting has evolved well beyond books into a wide variety of interpretations of Middle-earth, culminating in the Peter Jackson films and  the upcomming Hobbit movies. The collection contains thousands of pieces, which represent a popular culture that has grown up around collecting Tolkien.

Mark Faith, who acquired the books for the Greisinger Museum, said: „an exhibition of this caliber is been long in coming in the hearts of the Tolkien community and it is our mission that the general public sees the unique pieces, which normally are hoarded in private collections. This Tolkien exhibition is for the people and created by people who love Tolkien.“

The acquired „The Lord of the Rings“ will be another highlight of the museum after acquiring the signed first edition „The Hobbit“ recently. Mark Faith said: “It was so expensive because it is a truly unique set. In volume one Tolkien has penned „Elainen tarin Periandion ar meldenya anyaran“ (to Elaine, Queen of Hobbits and my very old friend). It belonged to Elaine Griffiths, a student of Tolkien, who was instrumental in encouraging Tolkien to get the Hobbit published. It is a true rarity to find the trilogy all signed by Tolkien, even more so with his inscription in Elvish”.

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