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STB | - Tolkien fans unite at Facebook and Twitter

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Quarta, 14 Janeiro 2009 20:00

Tolkien fans unite at Facebook and Twitter

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There have been numerous ways to meet other Tolkien fans; you could go to events organised by your local Tolkien Society, travel to Tolkien art exhibitions or to events of Tolkien Societies across the globe. There are tons of Tolkien related websites and boards to meet other Tolkien lovers. Most websites however are specialized and focus on specific topics, there are for example Tolkien collector sites, Tolkien art sites, Tolkien movie related sites, Tolkien wiki's and Tolkien linguistic websites; but no 'general' media that connects all different Tolkien fans. These days however it seems Tolkien lovers have found that Facebook is an ideal place for connecting up, to learn to know new friends and keep track of what others are doing. Many Tolkien societies have opened up Tolkien groups and many Tolkien lovers have inscribed themselves to Facebook; I'll make a list down here.Tolkien Library on Facebook

Tolkien Library has also opened up a group and hopes that many Tolkien fans will join, so that Facebook can become the place to discuss all latest articles from this website. Talk about the latest Tolkien news, post pictures, videos, and who knows what Facebook will bring in the future.

Why Facebook is so important for the Tolkien community

Facebook’s global user numbers have boomed from around 40 million monthly unique visitors in April, 2007 to 115 million unique monthly users this past April, with 62 million new users coming from outside the US. My personal profile existed for a long time on Facebook, but only now I seem to see that more and more Tolkien friends are entering into this new media phenomenon; and the more Tolkien lovers join, the more exciting it gets.

Facebook is the precursor of something that can be called mass interpersonal persuasion. It is a new and fresh phenomenon and the most important thing to happen in the world of persuasion since the advent of the radio over 100 years ago. Radio changed the game for persuasion because it allowed a message to be broadcast to thousands and millions of people, which was previously not possible. TV was an extension of that. Now Facebook comes into play and friends influence friends, who influence friends, and that keeps rippling out. Now Tolkien Societies, Tolkien sites, Tolkien scholars and artists can reach people very quickly for very little cost and ordinary people can set things in motion. Facebook is a social network that allows Tolkien fans to meet, talk and learn to know each other in an easy and fun way.

All latest Tolkien news on Twitter and Facebook

To add something to it, Tolkien Library has set up a Twitter account (you can follow me here: http://www.twitter.com/TolkienLibrary), where I'm posting all latest Tolkien news. You can always find me on Twitter, so in case you need to ask something... I am in Twitter almost all day. Twitter is good fun, but the most important thing is that in my twitter channel I gather all latest Tolkien related news. If you want to be up to date of all latest Tolkien news, then follow me at Twitter or read my personal Facebook Profile!

Tolkien LibraryTolkien Library is a source for Tolkien book collectors and lovers. You can find all on Tolkien books, news, reviews, essays, articles and information on Tolkien as a writer.
Tolkien Library on FacebookTolkien Library on TwitterPieter Collier on Facebook

A list of Tolkien Societies and Tolkien Sites on Facebook

Here follows a list of Tolkien Societies that are listed on Facebook. Hereby I invite all Tolkien Societies to make a group on Facebook. Hope this list will grow a lot! (There is no particular order in which the Societies have been listed)

International Tolkien Fellowship: List of Events Tolkien Societies WorldwideThis list is meant to offer all Tolkien societies a common platform for their events. Every society is asked to name members responsible for adding events in this list - so they can add, change or remove events their society will organise.
ITF on Facebook
The Tolkien SocietyA group for members of The Tolkien Society (UK) to meet-up and chat. Members of International Tolkien Societies are also welcome as are any avid Tolkien fans who want to know more!
The Tolkien Society on Facebook
Tolkien Genootschap UnquendorThe Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor was founded on 22 September (the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo) 1981. The name 'Unquendor' is the elvish translation of Holland. Unquendor brings together people with a common interest in Tolkien's work. They are now active on Facebook.
Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor on Facebook
TolkiendilSince January 2003, Tolkiendil is a nonprofit association whose purpose is to promote the works of JRR Tolkien in the Francophone world. The association's activities are mainly focused on the exchange of information about the works of JRR Tolkien on the internet and social media.
Tolkiendil on Facebook
Mythopoeic SocietyWe are a group of serious readers dedicated to promoting the literary tradition of Speculative Fiction. Some favorite authors are J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Orson Scott Card and Neil Gaiman, to list a few.
Mythopoeic Society on Facebook
Deutsche Tolkien GesellschaftThe German Tolkien Society is now on facebook - they are looking forward to stay in contact with there international friends!
Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft on Facebook
Suomen Tolkien-seura ry.The Finnish Tolkien Society, founded in 1992, is an organization, in Finland, for people interested in fantasy literature in general and particularly in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Suomen Tolkien-seura ry. on Facebook
Sociedad Tolkien ChilenaGrupo en el cual se encuentran los socios y adeptos de la sociedad literaria dedicada a las obras del Profesor J.R.R. Tolkien.Es un medio no oficial de contacto que servirá para complementar los medios ya existentes y también para contactar posibles nuevos socios.
Sociedad Tolkien Chilena on Facebook
Slovenian Tolkien Society Gil-galadThe Slovenian Tolkien Society is now on facebook.
Slovenian Tolkien Society Gil-galad on Facebook
Sociedad Tolkien EspañolaSociedad Tolkien Española is now on facebook.
Sociedad Tolkien Española Gil-galad on Facebook
Greek Tolkien SocietyThe facebook group for GTS.
Greek Tolkien Society on Facebook
Società Tolkieniana ItalianaIl gruppo della STI su Facebook!
Società Tolkieniana Italiana on Facebook
The Philippine Tolkien SocietyThe Philippine Tolkien Society is also active on Facebook.
The Philippine Tolkien Society on Facebook
Asociación Tolkien ArgentinaThe facebook group for Asociación Tolkien Argentina.
Asociación Tolkien Argentina on Facebook
Eorlingas: The Indonesian Tolkien SocietyThe Indonesian Tolkien Society is now on facebook.
Eorlingas: The Indonesian Tolkien Society on Facebook
Sociedad Tolkien UruguayaThe Sociedad Tolkien Uruguaya is now on facebook.
Sociedad Tolkien Uruguaya on Facebook
TolkienPeruGrupo en Facebook para la tolkiendilidad peruana.
TolkienPeru on Facebook
Wellinghall Smial - The Toronto Tolkien SocietyWellinghall Smial - The Toronto Tolkien Society on Facebook.
Wellinghall Smial - The Toronto Tolkien Society on Facebook

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