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The Road Goes Ever On and On: The Map of Tolkiens Middle-earth

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The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say.

Fellowship of the Ring

The Road Goes Ever On and On: The Map of Tolkien's Middle-earth is the essential companion for any reader journeying through The Lord of the Rings, illustrated by John Howe, conceptual artist on the Lord of the Rings films and written by Brian Sibley. It will be a perfect Tolkien learning aid for schools and younger readers and an ideal gift for all Tolkien fans - contains the only official and authorised full-colour map of Middle-earth published.

A book by Brian SibleyWriter and broadcaster Brian Sibley is a foremost expert on The Lord of the Rings (he adapted the novel for the award-winning BBC radio dramatisation in 1980), and here in this clothbound hardback presents an entertaining and informative overview of the writing of The Lord of the Rings, and the creation of the original maps by Tolkien and his son, Christopher.

A map by John HoweThe book is accompanied by a full-colour illustrated map, which can be removed for reference or even for framing. The map is a real labour of love, illustrated by world-renowned Tolkien artist John Howe, the conceptual artist employed by Peter Jackson to work on his multi-award winning Lord of The Rings film trilogy, and who is soon to work on Guillermo del Toro’s Hobbit film.

A collector's package

Each element in this collector’s package is special; together they provide an enchanting and desirable artefact that will be a prized possession of Tolkien readers of all ages. This edition is completely revised and updated in a new format made popular by the Philip Pullman books Lyra’s Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North.

The Road Goes ever OnA paperback version of this book, called The Map of Tolkien's Middle-earth, sold more than 100,000 copies when published for the Tolkien Centenary in the 1990s, though out of print for more than five years.

Title:The Road Goes Ever On and On: The Map of Tolkien's Middle-earthType: Hardback Edition

Extent: 64 pages Format: 111x178mmPublisher: HarperCollinsPublication date: 28/05/2008

Language: EnglishISBN-10: 0007312695ISBN-13: 978-0007312696

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