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Overview of JRR Tolkien related news from last week 2

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As last week I have once again gathered some news that did not make it into blog posts. Once again it is a bit of everything and if I missed something please do send it over to me. Is there any event you are organizing or a news item you noticed and was not mentioned here, please get in touch and we will post it here. I'll also hope to have some more guest bloggers in the coming weeks to have the Tolkien Library site become more interesting. Are you interested to participate and write for this website, then please contact me. So here follows the latest news of all things Tolkien from 17 to 23 january 2011.

Tolkien Dekstop Wallpaper Calendar Idea

I'm still playing with the idea to create a page every 1st day of the month where I will list wallpapers for people to download that are related to Tolkien, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So far I have received few reactions, so if you are interested to create a nice desktop wallpaper calendar please let me know soon.

To make one other example of what I have in mind I have created a new desktop wallpaper calendar for you to download and enjoy. More news on this idea will follow soon!

Famous inboxes: If Gandalf had email this is how his mailbox would look like

After finding Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas in Fangorn Forest, Gandalf takes the battle for Middle-earth to Rohan. Here he frees King Theoden from the evil influence of Saruman and the lovelorn Grima Wormtongue. Then he checks his email.

Mark Brownlow from Famous Inboxes has released the inbox of Gandalf. On his site you can also find the mailbox from Sauron. I found notice about this at my friend Harm Schelhaas' facebook wall (thanks for sharing!):

"This one really recommended for a good laugh. Gandalf's inbox happens to be most recent at the moment, but the ones from other fictions are as good!"

Tolkien and the Great War by John Garth is in the Oxford English Dictionary!

After announcing a reprint (with corrections) of his excellent Tolkien and the Great War, John Garth has let us know that his book has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. The entries are for "sexcentenary", which you can find it between "sexcapade" and "sex control", "redouble" and "dictionary-monger". I can only congratulate John with the reprint and entries in the OED. It only proofs that this book is indeed one of the greater references when it comes to Tolkien!

ArwenAmidala argues against the Professor with great fear and trepidation

Over at the Heren Istarion Blog I read a very interesting essay on Tolkien's interpretation of Ofermod or “Northern Courage”.it goes against the grain to disagree with Tolkien, given his great understanding of Anglo-Saxon England and its culture, but here is an essay that gives another take on how to interpret The Battle of Maldon.

I don't hold enough knowledge about this topic, but see this essay as a good start for a very interesting discussion. But up to now no comments or reactions have been posted to this article. So maybe it is good to read it and if possible leave a message!

The Fellowship of the Ring Live comes to the Netherlands

Doug Adams lets us know that On June 4 and 5, 2011, in the Netherlands a true spectacle will be heard. In the Grote Zaal van De Doelen, on a giant screen showing the film version of Tolkien's epic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the music that Howard Shore composed for the film is simultaneously performed live on stage by the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the Netherlands Radio Choir and the National Youth Choir. All info can be found here.

Elijah Wood gives us details on The Hobbit Movie

Frodo spoke with MTV News recently on his involvement in the upcoming film The Hobbit. While many Tolkien fans reacted in fear to this news, he seems to be quite optimistic about the whole situation.

In fact he sounded very excited to get back to playing Frodo. The most important message he brought was that "The way it will all fit in will not at all infringe on the integrity of The Hobbit."

We are all very excited that soon a new Tolkien adaptation will be made, but most Tolkien fans will also watch the whole business with fear. So far the whole movie seems to become like one big reunion and not at all The Hobbit movie we expect to get. News like this is however positive!

Rare signed The Hobbit Collection on Ebay - are you kidding me?

Ebay is such a fabulous place... but sometimes it goes absolutely wrong. After having listed this auction before at 18.000 USD this unique opportinity to buy a rare signed item is back again. First of all the signature is a printed facsimile (check this article) and secondly it is really a pity someone wrote on the box! This is not Tolkien's handwriting of course... now let us just hope no-one ever bids on this item!

I'm going to keep pushing ebay by noticing fraudulent sales like this, but it seems a never ending fight. So why don't we all react to items like this and make Ebay a more lovely place!

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