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5 Week Middle-earth Movie Marathon: The Two Towers

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Welcome to week two of our 5 Week Middle-earth Movie marathon. The next seven days will be all about The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, so get your TTT DVDs and join in on the fun. I’ve got mine ready!


Not sure what to do this week? Well we’ve got some suggestions for you!

  • Cook some yummy snacks and meals. As if I have to say it… PO-TAY-TOES! Maybe even try to recreate Éowyn’s questionable stew.
  • Listen to the soundtrack when you need some time to unwind or when you need some motivation. The Rohan theme always seems to do it for me.
  • Watch the movie with commentary if you haven’t before.
  • Live tweet while you’re watching TTT and remember to use the hastag #5wkMMM so other fans can read them.
  • If you have other suggestions please tweet them to us @MiddleEarthNews or tell us in the comment section below!

Join @MylaMalinalda and @MeNewsValdis today at 3 pm EST as they watch the extended edition of TTT and live tweet. Come and join the discussion!

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