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STB | - Warriors of the Westfold: Take the Hobbits to the Argonath

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Warriors of the Westfold: Take the Hobbits to the Argonath

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I decided to do a suicide journey after Maria told me she made her way through Moria. Finding the right path isn’t an easy thing, even if you’re around level 50 (like I was), because the Mines of Moria are full of orcs, wargs, and weird evil creatures. My goal was to visit the Bridge of Khazad-dum, but I had no idea it was so big and dangerous because of the several foes there. So I ended up hiding myself behind rocks and pillars and taking another path to reach the First Hall.

Once outside, I visited Lothlorien, but I couldn’t enter Caras Galadhon, since I didn’t purchase the region, so I went to say hi to Legolas and Gimli at Cerin Amroth. It was night when I visited Lothlorien for my first and unique time, and the trees were glowing in the darkness in a weird way, I prefer it by day.

Then I crossed the Great River until I reached the first villages of Rohan. That place is amazing, even if the name of the places turned red (because my level was too low for that region), that meant that every single foe noticed even by a considerable distance. Thankfully I was riding the Steed of the Jester, that’s faster than a normal mount, so basically I ran. I ran for miles followed by any kind of foe. It was pretty scary, but once I reached a settlement, those foes ran away and I was free to visit the place I reached. I snuck in different houses and inns, wishing to be already there to quest around, because the landscape is absolutely amazing and Rohan’s culture is my favourite (just after the Hobbits’ one).

My suicide journey ended up in a stone circle with an amazing view of the Argonath. I felt myself very rewarded at the end of my adventure, because I never died once, and I decided to not play with fate and go back home.







From the day I signed up, I’ve always been a very impatient LOTRO gamer. I always wanted (and still want) to explore Middle-earth. However, soon after I realized that it might be a dangerous adventure just like a real journey through Middle-earth would’ve been. A few weeks ago my hunter reached level 50 and my wanderlust took over again. This time I wanted to enter Moria, knowing that Moria’s epic quest should start for my Hobbit. Once inside, I wanted to see the Bridge of Khazad dum more than anything else. After mere three times of dying (twice by falling into the depth), I made it. Then, a moment of insanity took hold over me when I thought ‘hmmm, I wonder if I can jump over the crack in the bridge to the other side’. Spoiler alert: I could not and died instead. By then, I was determined to make it out of Moria, trying to reach Lothlorien. After several failed attempts (I keep falling into my death, why do I always keep falling into my death??) I reached the First Hall. I was so excited, I could almost smell the fresh air. The journey to Calas Galadhon was also rather smooth. Once again, I was in awe beyond words by the scenery. Until then, I had no particular destination or end goal in mind. However, after realizing that I couldn’t enter Calas Galadhon, my curiosity to see whether I could make it as far as the Argonath in East Rohan, arose.

After a quick rest, my journey began. One of the first things that struck me in Rhovanion was the sky. Is it just me or does the sky in Rhovanion look different to Eriador? I’ve also had the impression that there seemed to be much more detail everywhere in Rhovanion. Maybe it is just my excitement, to see everything I longed to see for so long, that is fooling me. I’ll be honest, my journey through The Great River, The World, and finally The East Wall was only possible by a speedy Goat and extensive evasion manoeuvres. There was no way I could survive a battle, so the best thing I could do was ride, ride as fast as I could. During my entire journey there was this constant struggle to, on the one hand, see the region and, on the other hand, trying not to get too close to beasts and enemies. Every time I entered a village, I was relieved and felt as if could allow myself to breathe again. Eventually, I reached the Argonath and boy was I proud. However, I’ve just managed to stay alive long enough to make two decent screenshots before I was killed and found myself back inside Moria.

A few weeks after that, I decided to travel to Dunland and made it even as far as Isengard. All in all, I’m happy that I decided to spend so much time just on riding through Middle-eath. Sometimes, it’s a nice change to questing and fighting all the time. Also, after seeing the beauty that lies before me, my enthusiasm for LOTRO grew once again. So yes, you can expect to see my Hobbit Hunter going on to new adventures.




Have you ever decide to go on an adventure in Middle-earth? Tell us about your first experience exploring new regions in the comments below!

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image Author: Maria When Maria watched the Fellowship the very first time in cinemas, she fell hopelessly in love with Tolkien’s work. Up to the point where she lost herself in Middle Earth entirely. When not occupied with studying, she likes to draw, hoard books, travel around (if her bank account allows it), and pretending to be a hobbit that is attending Hogwarts in order to become a jedi knight.

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