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Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day 2015 With The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

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Event News / Tolkien News[1][2] Posted by Lily Milos[3] on March 6, 2015 at 6:30 pm

‘I believe that legends and myths are largely made of truth’ – J.R.R. Tolkien

The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship is excited to announce their annual presentation for Tolkien Reading Day for the fourth year in a row.


The 25th March celebrates the annual Tolkien Reading Day, which commemorates the date on which Frodo and The Fellowship were successful in destroying the One Ring and defeating Sauron. Tolkien Reading Day takes place worldwide as an act of recognising the achievements of J.R.R. Tolkien throughout his life.

As this year’s theme is ‘Friendship’, The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship will be doing friendship readings and role-play from the prolific authors works, as well as discussing the history of Tolkien and his books.

They will be breathing life into the pages of

  • Logan North Library on March 21, 10:30 am
  • Indooroopilly Library on March 25, 4-5 pm
  • Fairfield Library on March 26, 5-6 pm
  • Carindale Library on March 29, 1-2 pm.

The Fellowship is led by Peter Kenny who is an expert on Tolkien’s writings and has also been acknowledged as one of the biggest Tolkien fans in the world. With one of the most comprehensive Tolkien collections globally, Peter Kenny is sure to make these Tolkien readings as magical as Middle-earth itself.

Mr Kenny said, “this is the biggest Tolkien reading day schedule that Brisbane has ever seen, proving that Tolkien remains incredibly popular and influential even after 78 years on the shelves.”“If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.”

To find out more information please contact Peter at Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo.[4] or head to[5] and follow the links to your closest library for all scheduling.

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image Author: Lily Milos[11] Lily’s first experience with Tolkien was when the eccentric Mrs. H performed all of the characters from The Hobbit in her seventh grade class. In high school, she felt obliged to decline a second date with a boy who said he had no interest in reading The Lord of the Rings. In college, she unwisely decided to reread her beloved copy of The Hobbit during finals week, with only semi-disastrous results. When not writing for Middle-earth News, Lily tries not to unnerve her coworkers and family with her extreme geekery, but somehow, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, superheroes, Disney movies, and of course, Tolkien, seem to have relevance in EVERY conversation.


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