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Limited Edition Dori Available from Weta Workshop

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Movie News[1] Posted by Myla Malinalda[2] on September 22, 2015 at 10:55 pm

imageWeta has released a 1/6 scale sculpture of Dori as part of their The Hobbit line[3]. You may remember seeing Dori fuss over his brothers a lot but don’t forget that he’s a tough and brave dwarf! This sculpture features him with a knife and spiked bolas. You definitely wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.

From Weta Workshop

Sculptor: Lindsey CrummettDimensions: 11″ x 9.1″ x 5.5″ (H x W x D) 28 cm x 23 cm x 14 cm

As the eldest brother in his family, Dori the Dwarf feels keenly the burden of responsibility for his two very different younger siblings. While the wayward and restless Nori comes and goes, spending his days in nefarious pursuits that raise Ori’s hair, the youngest brother Ori dreams of adventure and glory from the confines of a sheltered life behind Dori’s skirts. Dori feels it his duty to guide and protect them both, even if sometimes they protest.

But while some might dismiss Dori’s mothering and dogged pretensions as signals of a fussy, overly fearful character, to do so would be to misunderstand him, for Dori is as tough and doughty as any Dwarf. The spiked bolas in his grip and sword at his side are weapons he wields with deadly proficiency when needed, and Dori’s loyalty to Thorin Oakenshield is absolute, even if he does complain about the misfortunes and indignities the quest heaps upon him with each new step.

This is part of a limited edition of only 1,000, so visit Weta’s site now to place your order[4]!

Weta has also released 1/6 scale sculptures for Thorin[5]Balin[6], Dwalin[7], Kili[8], Fili[9], Nori[10], Gloin[11], Bifur[12], Bofur[13], Bombur[14], and Oin[15]. Looks like now we’re just waiting for Ori!

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image Author: Myla Malinalda[25] After being dragged to see The Fellowship of the Ring back in 2001 with her dad, Myla fell head-over-hobbit-feet in love with Middle-earth. Myla would love nothing more than to be able to live peacefully in the Shire and go on the occasional adventure with Bilbo. She has a habit of becoming too attached to fictional characters and buying too many copies of the same book. Myla enjoys creating art whenever she can and collecting all things relating to Tolkien.


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