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STB | - Taste Test: Hobbit Tea

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Sexta, 25 Setembro 2015 07:00

Taste Test: Hobbit Tea

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A while ago, I received a present filled with delicious Hobbit Tea from fellow Middle-earth News reporter Lily Milos. I’ve been enjoying Hobbit Tea so much that I’ve totally forgot to write up a review sooner. With Feast Week in full swing, I decided that it might be a good opportunity to introduce you to the delicious Hobbit Tea and tell you what I think of them. Before you ask, of course, I’m enjoying a nice cup of Hobbit Tea, in the flavour Gandalf the Grey, while I’m writing this review.


Hobbit Tea are a line of licensed quality teas that come in three flavours: Gandalf the Grey Herbal Tea, Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend, and Hobbiton Meadow Mint Herbal Tea. Before moving onto each tea individually, I want to talk and highlight the design and packaging of them. Each box contains 20 tea bags which are sealed air tight when you order them. This means, that no matter where in the world you are ordering Hobbit Tea from, the tea will not lose its aroma by the time it reaches you, no matter how long the shipping.

The box itself not only contains lovely illustrations, but tips on how to brew the tea as well. One detail on each box that caught my eye immediately are the ‘origin stories’ of each tea, telling you the history and cultivation of each tea by the Hobbits. I don’t want to reveal too much, but nice little details like these reveal how much love must’ve gone into producing the Hobbit Tea. Moreover, the box itself is made of recycled paperboard carton with a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste and inks that are 80% vegetable/soy based. What a perfect way to stay true to the Hobbits’ love of earth and things that grow!


Hobbiton Meadow Mint


Ingredients: Air dried peppermint leaves, air dried spearmint leaves.

Mint tea can be a tricky business; I either like it or hate it. However, far too often I end up disliking mint tea because it tastes too strong or just not well-balanced enough. So in general, you’ll rarely see me drinking mint tea. This might change with the Hobbiton Meadow Mint. With its fresh, but soft flavour, Hobbiton Meadow Mint became a refreshing new favourite. I cannot but love this tea. While it is a perfect tea for any time of the year, I catch myself drinking Hobbiton Meadow Mint rather frequently on hot summer days. On the package, it suggests to taste this tea with some honey. I haven’t done it yet because I’m usually enjoying all my teas unsweetened, but I’m tempted to make an exception for this one.


Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend

imageIngredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Red Clover Blossoms, Cinnamon, Natural Orange Extract

Of the three Hobbit Tea flavours, the Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend Teais the one with the most ingredients. When I prepared this one for the first time, I’ve expected an explosion of flavours which was, thankfully, not the case. Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blendis very well balanced and, unlike some other teas with a black tea base, is not too strong in taste. Unlike the other two, Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend is not caffeine free which is something you might want to keep in mind. This is a great tea to start one’s day refreshed and relaxed. However, if you want to be rebellious, go ahead and enjoy your breakfast blend in the evening as well … just don’t get caught by the Sackville-Bagginses!


Gandalf the Grey Tea


Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Red Bush Tea (Rooibos)

Of the three Hobbit Teas, the Gandalf the Grey is my absolute favourite. Usually, I’m a Green tea lover through and through, but Gandalf the Grey Tea is one I’d easily call my current all-time favourite. Just as the other two teas, each flavour is well balanced and makes you want to enjoy as many meals as the Hobbits do accompanied with one of the Hobbit Teas. The only criticism I can give about Gandalf the Grey Tea are the two minor typos on the package. Other than that, this tea will be enjoyed whenever I want to treat myself! Maybe if I’ll drink this tea frequent enough, Gandalf will show up at my door-step….who knows!


All in all, whether it is Gandalf the Grey Herbal Tea, Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend, or Hobbiton Meadow Mint Herbal Tea, these are great teas to enjoy on a cold autumn day and would make perfect holiday presents for tea lovers. I’m certainly enjoying all three flavours very much and will re-order them as soon as the last tea bag is gone!

If you want to try them yourself, go and check out hobbittea.com[1]. Have you ordered and tasted the Hobbit Teas yourself already? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think of them!


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image Author: Maria[2] When Maria watched the Fellowship the very first time in cinemas, she fell hopelessly in love with Tolkien’s work. Up to the point where she lost herself in Middle Earth entirely. When not occupied with studying, she likes to draw, hoard books, travel around (if her bank account allows it), and pretending to be a hobbit that is attending Hogwarts in order to become a jedi knight.


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  2. ^ Posts by Maria (middleearthnews.com)

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