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Happy Birthday to Our Own Alice Greenleaf!

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Happy birthday to one of Middle-earth News’ finest! Our own Alice Greenleaf celebrates her 24th birthday today! You probably know Alice from her weekly column “This Week in Middle-earth” where she reports on the events of the past week as they happened in Middle-earth (in her first year, she showed the location of the events on a map; this year, she finds cool artwork to accompany the events). She is also an avid LOTRO player and roleplayer who contributes to our Warriors of the Westfold posts.

So who exactly is Alice Greenleaf? She was able to take a few moments out of her busy schedule to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

*When did you first discover Tolkien’s works and the world of Middle-earth? Did anyone in particular influence you to seek it out?

I should say that I stumbled upon The Fellowship of the Ring all by my self. My mom had read The Lord of the Rings during highschool and she didn’t like it at all, because it was so long and descriptive and she wasn’t into fantasy at that time, so when The Fellowship of the Ring hit the box office, she discourage me to watch it and we ended up watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. More or less one year later, when I was 12, I watched the VHS of The Fellowship of the Ring at my friend’s house and it was love at the first sight. Sadly my parents never shared my Tolkien obsession/passion and for years my connection with Middle-earth has been just few books, a map, and the DVD of The Two Towers.


*How did you become involved with Middle-earth News?

After watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, my Tolkien obsession grew up once again, thanks to the internet (a help I didn’t have when I was 11!). So I started browsing through several Tolkien-related website and I stumbled upon Middle-earth News. It was my favourite website, since it allowed me to stay tuned on movie news, art & lit news, gaming news and so on. It wasn’t focused just on the movies, so I started following it on daily basis. At the same time, I started a blog on Tumblr called Today in Middle-earth, where I shared all the events that you can found in Tolkien’s calendar in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. Lily Milos stumbled upon my blog and asked me if I wanted to join the Middle-earth News Team with a Saturday column about those events. And so This Week in Middle-earth (and my other articles) began!

*If you could hang out with any Middle-earth character (or characters if you can’t choose just one!) for a day, who would it be and why? What adventures would you get up to?

Bilbo Baggins, because a tea with him at Bag End is my lifelong dream. But I’d like to meet also Legolas (and it has nothing to do with my crush for Orlando Bloom, I swear!), his character is a mystery for me, because Tolkien wrote really few things about his backstory. We don’t even know if his hair is actually blond! So, I’d like to ask him tons of things about his life in Mirkwood and his adventures (and see his hair).

*What are you most looking forward to seeing in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies?

If Peter Jackson followed the original plot of the book, in the end. I really hope so. Also, I can’t wait to discover more about Legolas chasing Bolg and Tauriel’s relationship with Kili. Movie Beorn disappointed me, so I don’t mind to see him again or not, haha.


Alice’s Italian copies of Tree and Leaf, The Book of Lost Tales – Part I, The Book of Lost Tales – Part II, and Unfinished Tales

*When not involved with events related to the realms of Middle-earth, what can we find you doing?

I’m a full-time University student, so you can easily find me studying (or writing my bachelor thesis). Other than that, I’m a TV series enthusiast (my favourites are Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory and I recently really enjoyed Outlander), a proud cat-lady, and I love to snap pictures of my everyday life (and my cat) and sharing them on Instagram. Really, I’m obsessed. I also love reading, my favourite authors are JRR Tolkien (of course!), J.K. Rowling (I’m a proud Hufflepuff, by the way), James Rollins, Dan Brown and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Now it’s time for a “favorites” round!

*Favorite Middle-earth film?

The Two Towers, because it has been my very first DVD (I bought my very first DVD reader just to watch the movie!), but also because is where you can admire Rohan and I have a thing for that place.

*Favorite Tolkien book?

The Lord of the Rings and, if I can choose among its parts, I’ll pick The Fellowship of the Ring.

*Favorite character from the films versus favorite character from the books?

I always had a thing for Legolas in the movies, but in the books Bilbo is my favourite, followed by Eomer.


Alice’s map of Middle-earth.

*Favorite Middle-earth location?

The Shire, but also Rivendell and Rohan. I’m sorry, I can’t choose only one location!

*Favorite Middle-earth race/culture?

If you’d asked me this ten years ago I would have said Elves! I always wanted to be an Elf, so graceful so powerful and athletic (that’s why I can’t hate Tauriel! I mean, I’d love to be her). But with the time flowing I become more and more aware of being a Hobbit in all but size! I grew up in an italian family who considers the good food one of the most important things in life, my mom is an excellent cook and I enjoy every meal, especially during Yuletide season! Also, I’d love to own a burrow and live all by my self surrounded by books there, just like Bilbo. Sometimes I need an adventure to spice up my life, but I could easily live in a place like The Shire.

*Favorite piece of Middle-earth memorabilia (books not included)?

Actually I have two favourite Middle-earth memorabilia. The first one is the map of Middle-earth, because I own it since I was a child and it has been my very first piece of memorabilia, sometimes I like to watch that map and track some paths in my mind. The second one is my new Legolas action figure, a birthday present from my friend Maria. I keep it on my desk and it keeps me company.


Alice’s newly acquired Legolas figure.

You can follow Alice on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Middle-earth News staff each had something to say about our beloved Reporter/Assistant Director in honor of her birthday!


Alice is awesome. She’s sweet and funny and an absolute whizz with the techy stuff. And helpful – I can’t count the number of times she’s helped me out with how to do things on my phone or pc. And she does it without making me feel daft – which makes me love her even more! She’s also reliable and committed and a great team player, which is good for Middle-earth News! Alice is always modest about her ability to speak English but she’s actually really good at it: I mean she tells jokes and make us laugh – that’s got to be good! Alice joining Middle-earth News has made a big difference to me personally, as it has meant I have someone to share things with in my own time-zone. I’m so happy that she happens to be one of life’s finest to boot! Happy Birthday, Alice!


I am so happy that I got to become friends with Alice and that we weren’t inhibited by the fact that we live so far away from each other! Alice is always optimistic and always sees the best in everyone and every situation. I think a bit of her happiness and cheerfulness have rubbed off on the rest of the team; I know when I find myself feeling a bit too cynical, I think, “What would Alice say?” She also has the best tv show recommendations, takes beautiful and whimsical photographs, and is a fellow Hufflepuff! Happy birthday, my Autumn birthday sister!


Today is Alice’s birthday and I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy to call her my friend and sad that I can’t celebrate with her. Soon after joining the team, Alice became a good friend. In contrast to many others in the team, Alice is one of the few European staff member which means that it is for us both much easier to stay in touch (thankfully, otherwise Lotro would’ve been so much more boring without our occasional in-game shenanigans!). Whether her knowledge of the history of Middle-earth or her amazing photography (you really have to take a look at her Instagram account and blog!), Alice is very talented young woman. Once again, when I’ll be finally able to meet her, she’ll also receive the longest hug ever! Happy Birthday my dear Alice!


Alice is so quick to help anyone that needs it. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to function without her, haha! She is also so incredibly nice, hilarious, and a quick pro at LOTRO. Her enthusiasm for anything related to Tolkien just makes me even more enthusiastic. Alice has a knack at seeing the best in everything, and that’s something I greatly admire. In addition to being an all around great person and friend, she’s a wonderful photographer! Just check out her Instagram to see for yourself. If you like pretty scenery and cute cats, you definitely need to follow her! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALICE!!!!


If I had to describe Alice with one word, it would be “steadfast.” I hope I won’t offend her when I call her the Sam Gamgee of Middle-earth News. She is unfailingly faithful, ready to contribute to everything we do, never afraid of hard work, and utterly devoted. She is always ready to jump in to help with any project, or to offer ideas. Alice covers all sorts of stories, she does the regular “This Week in Middle-earth” feature, and is one of our LOTRO players. Alice is another of our Hobbits, and her easygoing, bright disposition would be quite at home in the Shire. I hope I have a chance to meet Alice in person one day (although I’m afraid I can only pronounce Italian, I can’t actually speak it!). I imagine we would be able to talk our way through a whole day of hobbit meals, from breakfast through supper! Alice, I hope you have a birthday of special magnificence, and maybe a bit of an adventure as well!


What you should know about Alice is that she is an amazing photographer. Her Instagram feed is a mixture of misty Italian mornings, artful arrangements of different objects, and of course her first love: cats. She often sends me thoughtful and fanciful pins on Pinterest, (usually involving mushrooms) and always appreciates any photos of my own fuzzy companions. Happy birthday Alice! May a hundred kittens show up at your door today.

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imageAuthor: Lily Milos Lily’s first experience with Tolkien was when the eccentric Mrs. H performed all of the characters from The Hobbit in her seventh grade class. In high school, she felt obliged to decline a second date with a boy who said he had no interest in reading The Lord of the Rings. In college, she unwisely decided to reread her beloved copy of The Hobbit during finals week, with only semi-disastrous results. When not writing for Middle-earth News, Lily tries not to unnerve her coworkers and family with her extreme geekery, but somehow, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, superheroes, Disney movies, and of course, Tolkien, seem to have relevance in EVERY conversation.

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