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hobbits around the globe - gallery

This gallery presents the covers of 'the Hobbit' from around the globe, arranged by the year of publication. In here no English or American editions are presented; only the covers of translations of 'the Hobbit' from all different countries are shown. This gallery is meant to grow (a lot) since we do not have all covers of all countries (yet). Tolkien books tend to get many editions (some countries publish 'the Hobbit' every year) and the cover changes over years. To keep an overview in this gallery we will always show as many covers as possible, to give a complete overview.

Please help us out and Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo. (high resolution) scans of 'the Hobbit' covers from your country to us. Please do not forget to tell us the date of publication and your name (we will add your name in the "Hobbits around the globe - credits" page). We hope this gallery will one day give a nice overview of all "Hobbits" out there!

Pictures (click to enlarge):

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1957 Kleiner Hobbit German
1966 The Hobbit Taiwanese (pirate edition English)
1969 Bilbo Le Hobbit French
1973 Bilbo le hobbit French
1973 Lohikaarmevuori Finnish ISBN 951-30-2213-7
1974 Der kleine Hobbit German ISBN 3 423 07151 6
1974 O Hobbit Brazilian (Portuguese)
1976 Bilbo le hobbit French ISBN 2 01 003031 1
1977 Bilbo le hobbit French
1977 Der kleine Hobbit German ISBN 3 423 07151 6
1978 Hobit Czech ISBN 80 207 0262 8
1978 XOM∏IT Greek ISBN 960 04 0308 2
1980 Biblo le Hobbit France
1980 Bilbo le Hobbit French ISBN 2 01 006990 0
1987 Bilbo le hobbit French

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